From some designer with a very upset therapist,  here’s the latest in word in handbags:

Imagine the surprise of a TSA officer:   “Um, ma’am, does that thing drip?”

To whomever designed this macabre mistake:  I can ignore the fact that it is obtusely offensive, impractical, unnecessary and simply in bad taste.  Have your clients such diminished self esteem that their only hope of making conversation is by forcing us to believe they are carrying their brains around in a handbag?  All in the name of being fresh and new? I understand, but I simply do not get it. I bow before the stylistic oracle that is your eye, but confess to some turmoil at the notion that your objective appears to be traumatized children and petrified mothers.  You win!

We therefore bestow on you the inaugural Daily Cannibal “Too Hip For Akron” award — a distinguished honor indeed, acknowledging those rare individuals who can take something to such an extreme that it defies everyone (including dogs) to comprehend what exactly they are trying to achieve.  Bravo.  Or Brava.  Your mom must be proud.