We are pleased to welcome to our masthead a new voice, CfE, as The Daily Cannibal’s Physics Editor.  CfE has, in no particular order, has:

  • an impressive resume as a logic engineer, familiar with Boolean logic and Gödel’s writhings;
  • played in the US Senior Open, where he outscored Arnie;
  • published a few novels, including his latest, Better Than Heisenberg (www.betterthanheisenberg.com), the world’s first electronic novel; and
  • cooked several thousand fantastic meals.

Here’s his latest dinner:

That’s a pork roast and two (two!) ducklings roasting over his wood-fired rotisserie barbecue driven by a Porsche 911 engine geared down to 4 RPM.

The dinner was downright astonishing.  As is CfE, whom we take great delight in adding to our pages, along with his prose, which is as dark, rich, complex and as full of flavor as the tasty delights he serves up on the tableau of a dedicated cannibal indeed.