Well, thanks, Tony, that was filling.  Now that we’re digesting the last few morsels of the Voice’s literary tabby cat, we’re thinking about our next meal.  Not that there aren’t still some choice pieces of Ortega we’ve reserved for future stews, but we think a change of diet is called for.

Win a nice bottle of Chianti...

So we appeal to you for help.  One of our original concepts here at the Cannibal involved getting our readers to bring in fresh meat.  Who do you know about that we should know about?  Has someone been playing fast and loose with the facts to line their own pockets?  Besides your senators?  We’d like to know about them.

If you know someone who has been a victim of a smear campaign, someone who doesn’t have the resources to fight back, or just doesn’t know how, tell us.  As Doc Holliday said, “I’ll be your huckleberry.”

Just drop a comment in the “Stewpot” section.  We’ll be watching.  For each tip we get that we use, we’ll award the contributor a nice little bottle of Chianti.

In the meantime, we have a few things we’d like to get off our chest, which will help pass the time until we start carving up someone else’s.  Stay tuned.