Time has finally run out for Village Voice Media, which lost its last appeal against a judgment awarding The Bay Guardian, a San Francisco competitor, $21 million in damages.  According to Bob Egelko  of the San Francisco Chronicle:

“…the state Supreme Court refused to review lower-court rulings ordering the Weekly to pay $21 million in damages for trying to drive its rival out of business by selling ads below cost.

“The court turned aside an appeal by the Weekly and its parent, Village Voice Media Holdings, which argued that the newspaper’s low-priced advertising was legitimate competition that benefited local businesses. Only Justice Joyce Kennard voted to grant a hearing, three short of the majority needed on the seven-member court.”

Village Voice Media has been fighting this judgment through the courts for some time now, which, if collected, would put an end to the VV Media’s run as the most revolting news organization since the invention of movable type.

Still open against VV Media is a lawsuit which alleges that the VVM’s Backpage.com, a Craigslist knockoff, knowingly abetted child prostitution.