Whose daughter?

[Editor’s Note:  This story originally ran here on January 30, 2011]

Village Voice Media, the publisher of New York City’s Village Voice, is a major player in a national online child prostitution racket, according to a story just released on CNN.com.  Village Voice Media earned $2,000,000 in December alone from its online ads, reports the AIM Group, a major industry online advertising consultant.

From CNN.com’s story:

“When Craigslist pulled the plug on its adult services section last summer, it stepped out of a raging controversy over accusations its site had become a marketplace for pimps to sell underage girls.

“The ads left Craigslist, but they didn’t go away.

“Many simply migrated to other websites, most notably, backpage.com. Backpage is owned by the Village Voice Media group.” [Emphasis mine.]

We can’t say we’re surprised.  Village Voice Media has already been sued by one child prostitute for willing complicity in helping her pimp advertise her services.

The CNN article goes on to quote Peter Zollman, founder of AIM Group, a nationally-recognized online consulting firm:

“They have taken advantage of Craigslist’s departure from the marketplace, and they’ve raised their rates in a lot of places,” Zollman says. “As a result, they’ve increased their revenue.”

CNN will air a report titled “Selling the Girl Next Door,” which focuses on the online child prostitution business, at 8PM and 11PM tonight (Saturday, January 29th).

We’ll have more to say about this, but for right now, just the bare facts outstrip whatever commentary we can bring to these revelations.  For now, we’ll just them speak for themselves, with one short closing observation:

Child prostitution.  $2,000,000 in December.  Depravity on this scale was unimaginable until the adventurous folks at Village Voice Media figured out how to pervert the wonder of the internet into a tool for the basest conceivable scoundrels.

Enjoy your money, boys.  You earned it.