…it’s disturbing, if not surprising, that the school district tried to sneak this one past the parents…

Two high schools in Texas require their students to learn Arabic.  According to Pajamas Media:

Dallas Cowgirl?

“Mansfield Independent School District [will] force students at a few of its schools to learn Arabic.  It’s not an elective; Arabic will be a required language.  Parents are also upset at the way the district notified them of the new requirement. “

How is this possible?   According to PJM:

“The DOE is promoting the study of Arabic (along with Chinese), calling it a “language of the future”…. And it’s apparent that the MISD knew the program would be controversial, and tried to keep parents out of the loop.”

We have no objection to offering Arabic as an elective, especially in Texas (?)  — but compulsory Arabic?

For one, this ought to drive the La Raza folks completely nuts.  How the hell did the Arabs get out in front of them, especially in Texas?

Second — a language of the future?  So is Swedish, I guess, but you don’t find anyone –even in in Minnesota — lobbying for mandatory Sven-talk.

"Salam aleikum, pardner."

Finally, it’s disturbing, if not surprising, that the school district tried to sneak this one past the parents, who, after all, cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of their children.  The kids need the schools to protect them from the bleak future of unemployment and alienation that faces them if they don’t speak Farsi.

Does the school anticipate the annexation of Texas by Iran?  Even Paul Krugman would not find the imbalance of our energy payments so fearsome as to require that we sell off entire states, although The Daily Cannibal does sometimes entertain the idea of merging California with Sonora and giving the whole thing to Mexico.  (That gets the rest of the country out from under subsidizing CA’s 20 billion dollar plus annual deficit, and gets rid of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the bargain.)

We suppose that this will not stand up, although we can offer no real reason why.  Perhaps we still entertain some slim hope that sanity is not in full retreat, and that common sense will win out.  If not, then we can only hope that the parents — especially in Texas — will take whatever steps are necessary to reassert some measure of control over the baldfaced swindlers who tried to foist this absurd scam on them.  And please, no Tuscon rhetoric — we’re not calling for armed insurrection here, just civil disobedience, the more imaginative the better.

Next:  New York City requires students to learn English.  Crazy, eh?