The Daily Cannibal is pleased to announce a new daily feature — well, okay, maybe semi-daily — in which we elect and dissect the most egregious fool to pop up on our radar each day.  Criteria for selection include:

1.   Just plain dumb.

2.   Just plain wrong.

3.   Both of the above.

Other rules:

1.   No picking on the deluded.  They really can’t help it.  We intend to break this rule a lot if it involves politicians, actors or professional athletes.   It’s okay to be stupid, but you advertise it at your own risk.

2.  Free and fair rebuttal.  The Daily Cannibal will guarantee anyone featured in “Stupe de Jour” ample space on the front page of the section for rebuttal without editing.  That’s more than the general media will do.

3.  Paul Krugman cannot be the Stupe de Jour more than twice a week.

Our first offering is coming up later today.  Enjoy.