Blow it out? Bless the darkness?

Here at The Daily Cannibal, we are busy preparing for tonight’s “Earth Hour,” when the World Wildlife Fund wants everyone to turn out their lights for an hour between 8:30 and 9:30 local time.  We think this is a fine way to call the world’s attention to serious conservation issues, and we are wholeheartedly throwing ourselves into the effort, which promises to make a significant contribution to ensuring the sustainability of life on our planet.

So we’re having a party.  We’ve stocked up on natural beeswax candles, so that people don’t spill their drinks on each other, and loaded lots of ice into coolers, because we don’t want to waste energy by opening and closing the refrigerator too much.  And we’re only having locally-grown foodstuffs — but since very little grows in our locality (New York City) this time of year, we had to settle for items grown locally in warmer places like Florida and Peru.

We worried about music — I don’t know how many kilowatts a sound system uses over several hours, but happily, we found found an acoustic band online in Jersey (the “Sounds of Secaucus”) that has its own van, so we don’t have to spring for a limo.  Now, this is costing us a pretty penny (beeswax candles aren’t cheap), but as long as we can help raise awareness about our dwindling resources, it seems worth it.

Let the darkness roll over us.