"I do solemnly swear that I will uphold...uh.....

Who cares if he sent dirty pictures to young women he’d never met.   Or sent them horndog texts.  It seems that everyone missed the point, and he said it himself:

“I panicked.”

Really?  Over this?  Great.  That’s exactly the kind of clear-headed thinking we want from our government during a crisis.  Hindsight is notorious, but what if he had just grinned and said, “Uh, yeah, that’s me.  I was really stupid.”  This reminds us of Dennis Miller’s comment about Bill Clinton’s famous “I didn’t inhale:”  “Hell, what he should have said was ‘Yes, I smoked dope, and when I finished smoking I drank the bong water!’ ”

The fact is, when confronted with the first real  challenge in his public service career, Representative Weiner responded by:

  • completely losing whatever remained of his judgment and decency,
  • blaming everything on evil antogonists and a “vast right wing conspiracy,” and
  • lying through his teeth to his staff, political supporters and to the rest of us until his absurd fiction collapsed around him.

He only fessed up when Breitbart threatened to go public with the rest of the photos.  He didn’t come to his senses.  He didn’t have a moment of sober reflection and decide to make a clean breast of things.   He did what all braggarts and bullies do when their bluff is called — he ran up the white flag and started blubbering.  Now, he says “Well, I didn’t break any laws, so I’m not going to resign.”

Okay, don’t.  If Representative Weiner wishes to continue to subject himself to the ongoing scorn he will doubtless encounter, we at the Cannibal will enjoy watching his humiliation more than we would care to have him know.  But suggesting that someone who “panics” over a Twitter post has any place in our national legislature insults credulity, mocks reason and disgraces the office itself.