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“Ooga Booga:  Rightbloogers Warn America of A Non-Existent Black Crime Wave” reads the headline of Roy Edroso’s recent Village Voice story.  Mr. Edroso is exercised over the fact that many blogs are bringing an unwelcome glare of attention to the plainly distressing fact that 12% of the population of our rainbow nation commit 49.3% of the murders and non-negligent manslaughters, 55.5% of the robberies…and 38.9% of all violent arson crimes, according to the Daily Pundit’s Bill Quick, citing the same report Mr. Edroso quotes.  Edroso, however, focuses only on the part of the report that shows crime in general on the decline, while Quick somehow finds those data that mysteriously have eluded the Village Voice’s hapless scribe.

“Non-existent,”  Mr. Edroso?  Seriously?

We know it is unfashionable to talk about these things, but black males between 15 and 25 are seven times more likely to go to jail  than whites, and three times more likely than Hispanics..  Are there good reasons for this?  There certainly are, and it’s a crying shame.  It’s not fair.  It’s a blot on the landscape, and it’s a disgrace that our nation has been avoiding for far too long — precisely because of people like Edroso.  If we can’t admit to a problem, we can’t solve it.  It may be painful to confront, and more painful to discuss, but it’s not going to go away because the Edrosos of this world claim it doesn’t exist.

Edroso claims that because crime in general has been on the decline, the highly unpleasant realities of growing up in a ghetto can safely be ignored, as we have ignored them now for so very, very long.  In spite of all the outreach programs, community centers, counseling services, and all the other miserable failures thrust upon poor black communities, things just keep getting worse.  Could it be that all this money, all these programs, all these band-aids are nothing but window dressing designed to disguise the fact that the dismally designed social engineering has failed utterly?  That this failure, ably abetted by political corruption, patronage and a failure of courage and will are at the heart of this catastrophe?  That until we are willing honestly to confront hard and bitter truths, failure is all we can expect?

Kids don’t get an education because there is no family to feed them, get them to school, or offer an alternative structure to the thug life.  Schools can’t educate absent or hungry children, or abused children, or children who live in fear.   Children who don’t get an education are unwilling to accept a life of minimum wage when the street offers them bling and bitches, albeit at the price of inevitable prison.  And no matter what you think, once someone goes to prison, they are part of the prison system for the rest of their lives, with very, very few exceptions.

We’re not going to solve this problem by painting it over with deliberately deceptive “statistics,” as Edroso has done.  We’re not going to do it by pretending that that a few kind words and a firm hand on the shoulder of a deprived child will turn its life around.  And we’re not going to solve it by telling black youth it’s really kind of okay to give in to the thug life because they’ve had a hard time, that they’re discriminated against, that we have no better expectations.  We’ve tried all that.  And we’re feeding kids to the prisons by the millions.

Okay, Edroso is a pandering fool, seeking an audience by telling it what it wants to hear, and the Voice lies through its teeth whenever it thinks it will get attention or approval by doing so, but trying to make the bloggers who carry the message somehow the bad guys in this sad farce makes about as much sense as Weiner blaming Breitbart for his downfall.  The problem with black crime does not lie in the conservative blogosphere.    Flogging the bloggers won’t change a thing.

Mr. Edroso — that Stupe de Jour seat that has been unoccupied for some time now?  It’s all yours.  Ooga booga.