Mr. Butler Adams, Ed.

The Daily Cannibal is pleased to announce that Butler Adams has joined the staff of The Daily Cannibal as Ethics Editor.

Mr. Adams brings a distinguished resume to our masthead, including stints as [redacted*] of [redacted*] and [redacted*] at [redacted*], respected publications well-known for their rational discourse and spirited debate.  In addition to his journalism credits, he is renowned in cinematic circles for his classic film-noir adaptation of Vanessa Burgess’s “Cross-Cultural Influences On Autism” (Wesleyan University Press, 1975), his frequent contributions of haiku to reports issued by the Central Bank of Japan, and for his landmark achievements in breeding Irish wolfhound/ cocker spaniel mixes, which, he reports, “produces a wonderfully playful and absolutely terrifying animal.”

Mr. Adams is expected to add a somewhat different perspective on topics of interest to our readers, and will provide useful balance to the viewpoints offered by our sometimes contentious Financial Editor On Loan, nemo paradise.  Here we might add that nemo has made it clear that he is absolutely thrilled with this arrangement, and intends to treat Mr. Butler with the same courtesy and respect he affords all dissenting voices.

We look forward to Mr. Butler’s contributions, as we hope our readers will.

*  Details omitted at the request of counsel