"I'm missing part of my brain. Will you hire me?"

Disturbing news about our new editor, who, possibly in evidence of a hitherto-undiscovered Cannibal curse, was immediately upon appointment admitted to a hospital for emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor.  He assures us that the tumor is benign, and that the surgery went well, but it gives us pause.  How many of us would view with equanimity the prospect of an employee whose sole task is the exercise of intellectual function, who has just had part of their cognitive infrastructure scooped out and consigned to the wastebin?  We reflect.

Perhaps this will improve his abilities; who can tell?  On the other hand, he has already shown tendencies towards degenerate thinking, as we have heard him speak well of the pre-Raphaelites.  Still, when one is paying someone each week the equivalent of the annual income of a chimneysweep in Djibouti*, one cannot help wondering if the corporate pocketbook might best be served by a reconsideration.  We waver.  We appeal to our readers.

Exercise compassion, and keep him on the payroll — see what happens? Or fire the invalid posthaste, like a genuine captain of industry, and move on?  Let the readers decide.   His fate is up to you.


* Go ahead.  Try to find out what a chimneysweep in Djibouti makes.