Who's the devil YOU know?

We get comments, often on Facebook, from people we thought had given up long ago on reading this blog.  We try to be apolitical, since we view politicians in general with the same attitude as we accord rabid skunks:  offensive and dangerous, hard to say which alarms us more.

We would like to draw a distinction here between politicians and statesmen/women.  The fact that I had to put a slash in there tells you how rare they are.

But still, times being what they are,  a slant has emerged, and it seems we don’t like progressives, for the same reason we don’t like North Korean re-education.  There’s very little “education” involved, and the “progress” they offer is all too often straight into the abyss.  To be fair, we don’t like Bible-thumping racists much either, but we can understand them more easily — they’re deranged, or impoverished in the brain cell account.  The progressives are generally well-educated — what is their excuse?

Just now, on Facebook, we got a comment.  The slim post that occasioned this read:

“How much you wanna bet that ten years from now we’ll still be hearing plans to “fix our crumbling infratructure?”

Now, this is pretty apolitical:  neither the GOP or the Dems will ever act on this since results only come after their terms are up.

But we got the knee-jerk response:

“Bet that’s a bet that Baby Bush won’t take; since he dug this hole to HELL!”

So we offer our readers the opportunity the opportunity to blame everything from 9/11 to the advent of the apocalypse on someone besides yourself.  Have a ball.