My esteemed colleague Nemo Paradise effectively slams yesterday’s New York Times editorial (Mr. Perry, Blow Up This Rock!) which blasts Rick Perry and his family for not obliterating their offensive rock and thus, somehow, all by themselves, atoning for centuries of slavery. I can’t disagree that the editorial is indeed a “contrived collection of bogus nobility [and] sham indignation.”

I can point out one crucial fact, though:

It’s an editorial.

Let me say that one mo’ time, so it can be hear over the yells of the Occupy Wall Street crowds:

It’s an editorial.

Everyone who reads the Wall Street Journal recognizes that its editorial page is a right-wing endeavor. That doesn’t stop us from appreciating the paper’s reporting. The Times is no different. While its editorials may espouse whatever opinions its editors wish to espouse, however foolish, that has exactly zero bearing on the question of left-wing (or any other) bias on the part of the paper’s reporters. Which is the issue I brought up, even pointing to some examples, in my recent column.

In that column I also stated my opinion that the Times‘ reporting is, on the whole, fairly evenhanded, even in the face of some examples of what looks like opinion or bias. If anyone would care to chime in with convincing evidence that such bias is actually consistent and endemic, rather than occasional and subcutaneous, I hope they will.