See, if we start giving kids health insurance, next thing you know they'll be wanting an education!

I’m getting pretty sick of politicians and activists getting in cheap shots by using America’s children to score points. Besides the ickiness of it, I couldn’t care less about other people’s children, so what’s the point?

Case #1: While I’m all for piling abuse on Not-So-Slick Rick Perry, the Sierra Club’s calling his energy plan “a roadmap for making America’s kids sick” makes me want to lay waste to the environment. “The Republican mantra should be ‘wheeze, baby, wheeze,'” fumes club President Michael Brune. Oh, sure, Brune can be cocky ’cause unlike Perry he’s already a President. But really. Can’t we just rely on the facts? There are plenty of good ones out there.

Case #2: Mitt Romney, too, is playing the children card against Perry. “You have a million kids uninsured in Texas. A million kids,” he berated his rival, who had tried to beat the mild-mannered Mormon over the head with the rapidly withering Romneycare cudgel. Never mind that Romney was right about Texas’s failure to cover its children. The actual number, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation as reported by Politifact, was over 1.3 million in 2008-09. But hey, we’re talking about Texas—those kids are probably all illegals anyway, right?

Case #3: Large numbers of children are reportedly being pulled out of Alabama schools because of that state’s punitive new immigration law. But that was the point, right? And as a bonus, with all those Latino kids gone, the state should be able to lay off a whole passel of teachers. Sure, those kids may be innocent parties here, but if they already speak fluent Spanish why do they need to learn it in school and take up valuable classroom space doing so?

Kids. Can’t live with ’em…