The earth -- in fifty years or so. Look out.

If your idea of fun is watching somebody play whack-a-Gore, this ought to light you up.  It seems that someone else has tossed some bricks — thirty-five of them, to be precise — at An Inconvenient Truth.  The author, Christopher Walter, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is a former policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher.  While he is not a scientist (so why should we listen to him?), he can read, and produces research that very convincingly details thirty-five “errors of fact” in the movie.  Nor are these trivial details.  They are the central assertions of the film.  We are left wondering if Gore actually got anything right.

It’s fairly easy going, but you’ll probably quit after fifteen or twenty.  After that, it’s sort of like watching bear-baiting.  Of course, some of our readers like that sort of thing.

Read it and giggle.