Once more the progressives around here are rhetorically shooting themselves in the foot (feet?) with tiny little bullets. The subject line of the latest email missive from Democrats.com (not the Democratic Party, but a progressive activist group affiliated with Moveon.org) calls for: “The latest Rally Outside Romney’s Breakfast with the 1%.”

Do they honestly think we don’t know that Obama, along with Cuomo and the rest of the top Democratic brass, “breakfast with the 1%” just as hungrily as any Republican? Sure, rally against Romney and what his party stands for, but don’t try to tell us your party is solidly on the side of the 99%. Jeez.

After all, if you call yourselves “Democrats.com” folks are going to identify you with that party. You wouldn’t do it if you didn’t want that. So stand up and take it like a donkey. And speaking of animals, Romney has to fundraise for his campaign, and who’s going to bankroll him but his fellow fat cats like the ones gathering tomorrow for waffles and mimosas at the Grand Hyatt? “Help us show America that Romney is the Poster Boy for the 1%,” urges the email – and here’s the poster, proudly displaying its chunky list of evil Wall Streeters. But you’ll find similar collections of names on Democratic fundraiser guest lists, won’t you? Protest, but protest them all, and don’t suggest there’s a major political party that’s committed to standing up for the little guy, because there isn’t.