I'm beginning to suspect God is not on our side...

Our sad culture’s latest media pissing exercise developed around President Obama’s Thanksgiving speech, which, to the consternation of some of our nation’s petty paragons of insecurity, omitted a mention of any putative Supreme Being.

Obama stressed self-determination over reliance on supernatural wonders. “No matter how tough things are right now,” he said, “we still give thanks for that most American of blessings, the chance to determine our own destiny.”

Was that a coded message to the atheists and secular humanists who make up a large cohort of the American public? Remember Obama’s much-discussed nod to non-believers in his inaugural speech. And was it a coincidence that this Thanksgiving theĀ New York Times was just preparing to publish an article about black atheists, who, it turns out, not only exist but have found each other online?

My cockamamie theory: seeing low poll numbers, and worrying about his chances for re-election, Obama is reaching out (under the radar, sort of) to the more than a quarter of Americans who don’t believe in God, a sharp political move no self-respecting Republican can make.