What physics editors dream of....

I love coffee. If you don’t, go away.  The chief tasting guy at Starbucks brews his samples with ground beans and hot water. It’s like a French press set-up but he never presses. Just eats the dirt along with the coffee. Like lots of shy maidens he doesn’t swallow. He just spits it out.

The TV reporter guy remarks that all 200 hundred samples across the
coffee universe just taste like coffee to him. I think he is
pretending to be just like all the people he thinks are watching. But
the people he is pretending for are all those people I told to go away
in the first paragraph. No one really has to tell them
to go anyway. They leave fast enough without encouragement.

So does he think he is talking to people who believe that one cup of
coffee equals all cups of coffee. He is a TV reporter, but, man, he is
notably stupid even for that calling.

But somebody at Starbucks is stupid, too. The Starbucks CEO tells us
that Starbucks sells 50,000,000 retail units a day. Some of that is
coffee. Maybe 30,000,000. The taster is sampling coffee from a
preparation style different than the sold coffee. It’s a lot of
trouble to run 200 different coffees through an espresso machine. You
might need forty people running forty machines. And think of the
expense of all those machines and all that labor. The taster guy can
just project what the flavor will be like coming through an espresso
machine instead of a French press, right?

If there were no difference in taste, why is Starbucks using $5,000
espresso machines instead of $25 French presses? Here’s why. There’s a
big fing difference and that’s what the Starbucks empire grew on.

I have an idea. Suppose they hire 40 guys and buy 40 machines just like the
ones in the stores. That will cost $16,500 a day. Wow. Somebody at
Starbucks said no way are we paying that to taste coffee. That
would cost us .000551598174 dollars a unit.

If, hypocrite lecteur, you read this far, let me ask you a
question. What does this have to do with Physics?