Please just step through the scanner....

A few days ago the media gently lobbed an interesting trial balloon at an unsuspecting public in much the same way an angler might trail a plump grub past the snout of a basking catfish.

We’ll probably snap it up, too.

Here’s the deal:  if you agree to “forgo” certain of your constitutional rights, the government will accord you the privilege of going through an “expedited” security line at the airport.  You don’t have to take off your shoes, belt or jacket.   (Presumably, you get to keep your trousers and shirt on as well, but the article wasn’t specific.)

In return, all the government asks is that you divulge “certain information” that it cannot otherwise compel you to provide.  No hints were offered as to what this information might be, but thta’s not really important.  Once the camel’s nose is under the tent, the “information” requests can become as intrusive as the government cares to make them.

So — what’s the big deal?  After all, no one is being compelled to do anything.  It’s just an option:

1.  Tell us what we want to know, and go through security in five or ten minutes — or, don’t, and

2.  Spend up to two hours in “Lane B,” staffed by an orangutang and a recently-laid-off postal clerk.

You have a choice.

Our point here is simple:  the government is suggesting that it can offer incentives for citizen to waive their rights that result in significant and tangible benefits and privileges.   After all — no innocent citizen has anything to hide, and the information gathered is used to protect the general public, not persecute private citizens.

In this way, we are asked to bargain the entire bill of rights away in exchange for convenience, as the government already has demonstrated its impressive ability to make our lives hell with things like airport security.

Just something to keep your eye on, as the ruling classes continue to devise interesting shortcuts around the constitution to make us more pliable and “productive.”  Don’t complain.  It’s for your own good.