Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

We’re just screwed.  According to Newser,  The Washington Post reports that they have solid proof that 16 Congressfolks “have taken actions that aided entities connected to their immediate families.”

Some members of Congress send tax dollars to companies, colleges and community groups where their spouses, children and parents work as salaried employees, lobbyists or board members, according to an examination of federal disclosure forms and local public records by The Washington Post.

Judges recuse themselves.  These guys and gals just dive in with buckets.  Further:

Today’s Post investigation follows a similar revelation yesterday that lawmakers used earmarks to benefit their own properties.

These are the people screaming about ethics on Wall Street, where they also have a privilege denied every other American, even the President —  believe it or not, they are allowed to trade stocks using inside information.  There’s legislation pending to prohibit this, but apparently picking the public pocket remains just fine with the ethics watchdogs on Capitol Hill:

…congressional committees have found that such practices are fine as long as the money doesn’t directly or solely benefit the lawmakers’ relatives.

When you give millions to a company that employs your son-in-law, that’s fine because he doesn’t “directly benefit,” meaning the money doesn’t go straight into his bank account.

Like I said, we’re just screwed.