"Have we been introduced?"

“The point is that today’s dismal G.O.P. field — is there anyone who doesn’t consider it dismal? — is no accident.”

So wrote Paul Krugman in today’s New York Times.   Is Professor Krugman truly unaware of anyone who might find the “G.O.P.  field” less than “dismal?”  Is this the result of spending so much time surrounded by sycophants that one loses the ability to perceive others with opposing viewpoints?  Do they vanish, like the wraiths in Prospero’s pageant, “into air, into thin air?”

Perhaps the answer might lie in the meaning of “anyone.”  If, for reasons unfathomable by rational minds, you find yourself outside the stockade of Krugman’s camp, you are no longer of significance, not to be acknowledged by much more highly-evolved life forms:

“Who is that?

“Oh — she’s not anyone.”

Thus do the kind  apostles of fairness and compassion illuminate their own savage prejudice and deeply-ingrained elitism and entitlement.