Welcome, Hari. Here's your stewpot.

The Daily Cannibal is pleased to announce the appointment of Hari Koh-Vert as our new Enviro-Health Editor.  Hari will be covering environmental issues primarily, but will also write from time to time on heath topics, ranging from nutrition and exercise to general health and “wellness,” which we still think is probably not really a word.

Hari sports an Ivy honors degree (modesty forbids him from disclosing exactly which Ivy, but we’ve checked, and it’s a really, really good one, which kind of rules out all but one) , and has done considerable postgraduate work in a dazzling array of different fields.  This cross-disciplinary experience allows him to bring a number of useful perspectives to any topic, often simultaneously.

Since he is currently in the initial stages of writing an autobiographical semi- Bildungsroman, Hari’s contributions may be sporadic, but we are confident that he will provoke thought, along with most anything else he happens to encounter.