What's that? Someone's acting responsible and smart? On our way!

Maybe it isn’t just the controversy over health insurance and birth control that’s been thrusting condoms into the public consciousness over the past month. Maybe it’s also the fact that February included National Condom Week. What, you didn’t know?


Planned Parenthood’s Great Northwest branch sure did. In fact, they celebrated by distributing 55,000 condoms in wrappers marked with QR barcodes, so users could “check in” at the location where they employed the condom, whereupon the information would appear on an interactive map online. “Wheredidyouwearit.com is like Foursquare for people who don’t want a sexually transmitted infection,” according to PPGNW’s site.

Shouldn’t a service that’s constantly under attack be a little more sensible about how it goes about its advocacy? News flash: There are elements of our culture that believe we horny primates shouldn’t have sex at all, other than for procreation. Maybe promoting safe sex by associating it with skipping about town “checking in” with cutesy services like Foursquare isn’t the best strategy. Just a thought.

It isn’t only Planned Parenthood that has to watch its back. Rubber retribution can get serious in a variety of ways. It was revealed this week that police in New York State have been routinely confiscating courtesans’ condoms to use as evidence against them. While Planned Parenthood promotes safe sex, New York cops seem to frown on it for sex workers – though, to be fair, only as a byproduct of their entirely reasonable assumption that possession of condoms means you’re a prostitute.

I imagine those men in blue from the bluest of states never thought they’d be in a creepy alliance with Rush Limbaugh. I hate to give Limbaugh any more Google juice than he already has, but when he called law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for arguing that health coverage should include birth control, he crossed over that thin blue line.