Readers may have noticed that this site began with a certain bias.  While my colleagues and I strove to keep the Daily Cannibal apolitical, in the sense that it did not hew to any recognizable ideology, we kept running afoul of the tendency for people to immediately label any opinion anyone takes as a reflection of some deeply-held monolithic political “philosophy.”

If anything, we did tend to be anti-“progressive,” in the sense that we did not leap to embrace every new charming assertion put forward by the self-anointed intelligentsia that have seized claim to enlightened thought.  We strove to separate fact from opinion, good intentions from impractical propositions and, most important, bias in all forms, including those currently found not only acceptable but even admirable by certain segments of today’s media, such as “the rich,” “red states,” climate deniers” and other opprobria, where emotion triumphs over reason and respectful discussion degenerates into declamatory rhetoric.

So, in the interests of better representing alternate perspectives, we invited Butler Adams to present viewpoints often at odds to our own, because we find him to be reasonable, very smart, well-informed and — in spite of all these admirable qualities — often in disagreement with us.  That, you see, is opinion.