Dear Leader watches over you from cradle to grave

President Obama’s campaign has released an illustrated history of a hypothetical young lady named Julia, following her from infancy to retirement, and describing in tones generally reserved for North Korean dictators the wonderful benefits she will receive because of the tireless efforts of our President, as well as the scurrilous efforts of the Evil Romney to thwart our Saviour’s grand design.

Why the President believes his message is best expressed to voters by a comic strip we leave to our readers to ponder, but one aspect of this production is somewhat unsettling:  there is a definite sense that the President will be either be serving more than two terms, or that somehow future Chief Executives will not remove or will not be permitted to remove any measure whatever that Obama has installed.

The presumption made by this publication appears to be that voters are remarkably stupid and gullible fools.  Why would Obama come to such a conclusion?  Has that ever worked?  Okay.  Never mind.

Not everyone is impressed, however.  Our friend Razorbacker notes that some folks over at Iowahawk have suggested an alternate story line.

[Ed. Note:  Yes, the name of the heroine betrayed by Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984 is Julia.  What are these people thinking?]

(Thanks to Bill at the Daily Pundit for sending this our way.)