I’m not sure quite what to make of this, but offer it up to readers as a question:  should society, government, whatever, intervene in this woman’s life, or is this her choice?  There’s a very complex set of questions here.

Does her choice saddle us with the responsibility for caring for her inevitable and expensive illnesses?  Does that matter?  Is she really any different from a 320 pound defensive end choosing dementia and heart disease to gain an NFL career?  Is, in fact, her desire to be the “world’s biggest woman” really any less defensible than a kid wanting to be the next Junior Seau?

It’s a very strange world we live in, but we all know there will be millions of people out there saying that she should be stopped for her own good.  By whom?  The law?

Is this a silly question, or do we actually have to decide where someone’s freedom stops and our responsibility begins?  It’s not as if she were standing on the roof of s building threatening to jump.  And she seems to be pretty happy.

Is that her choice?

Butler, help us out here.