"Gotta eat this before Romney sees it!"

“They’re willing to snatch food from the mouths of babes (literally, via cuts in crucial nutritional aid programs), but that’s a positive from their point of view….”

So says Times columnist Paul Krugman, describing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee.  New Jersey (which Mr. Krugman flatters with the sobriquet “the McMansion state”) Governor Chris Christie fares no better:

“Quick quiz: What’s a good five-letter description of Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, that ends in ‘y’?”

I confess, my first thought was “tubby,” but it turns out Mr. Krugman had a different word in mind:  “bully.”  A bully, apparently, is someone who disagrees with Mr. Krugman’s constant demand for more subsidy and greater government spending, and further, has the temerity to disagree strongly.  We can see how this may upset Mr. Krugman, as he has made plain his intolerance for dissent from views that are at best opinions, but which he insists are “settled science.”  Including those “crucial nutritional aid programs,” whatever that may mean.  Does he refer to the mountains of “healthy food choices” that our schools throw out every day because their students won’t touch them?

Still, it seems a pretty long reach to accuse the Republican candidate for president and a senior member of the House of deliberately seeking to harm babies.  Sounds a little shrill, doesn’t it?  Some might counter that shrillness in defense of broccoli is no vice, but this shoe seems to fit only one foot:

“And as for Mr. Christie, well, he’s just another fiscal phony, distinguished only by his fondness for invective.”

When it comes to a fondness for invective — and fiscal phoniness — Mr. Krugman has outdistanced Governor Christie by an impressive gulf.  And his “McMansions” crack did not made him any new friends in Jersey, either, although it does illuminate somewhat the sneer that so often lurks behind his snarls.