Someone's mother? Didn't think so.

Sez Zombie over at PJ

On Wednesday, June 13, members of the Occupy movement protested against a conference dedicated to combatting child sex trafficking.

Yup.  The Occupy folks have taken the position that any action that involves police suppressing our natural urges is indefensible, and that kids selling their own bodies is really just kind of natural, ya dig, so f**k da police and you know the rest.

Back in the late 60s, SDS Harvard recognized that Nixon’s treacherous unwinding of the Viet Nam war was clearly just a ploy to deprive SDS of a cause to rally the troops, so they set off in search of a new one.  Suddenly the campus was littered in flyers demanding another general strike.  A strike against injustice.  A strike against the capitalist pigs.  Right on!

What were they striking for?

Well, for painter’s apprentices.

It obtains that Harvard, that imperialist bastion of privilege, was paying the apprentices to the painters that kept Harvard looking bright and spiffy (and a very good job of it they do, too) a lower salary than (gasp) the painters themselves.  Outrage flared.  The clarion sounded.  The students yawned.  That was the end of SDS.

It’s a shame, in a way.  We always had a soft spot for the original core of OWS, because we thought they had a point, which they were very smart to keep very simple.  They just said “Help!  We’re hurting.  We’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost funding, and we need some assistance here.”

When people said “Well, what’s your agenda?  What solutions do you have?”  OWS quite properly said “WHAT??!!  Are you kidding me?”

“We knew you guys were having a ball, making piles of money, playing fast and loose with everything from mortgages to money supply, but as long as we got some of it, we left you alone.  Now you’ve crashed and burned, and you turn to us and ask us what to do?  YOU GUYS ARE IN CHARGE!  DO SOMETHING!”

Then it all turned into the predictably silly fiasco of absurd agendas, like “forgive all student loans.”  Right.  Like the US taxpayer can take on another $1 trillion of debt.  The largely sentient core of the original lights slowly drifted away and left parkfulls of drifters, drug addicts, con men and lunatics, so we’re left with the sad remnants, the litter and human detritus, of something that might actually have amounted to something.

The good news:  It’s late June, and there is no meaningful reappearance of the magpies the cold and sleet chased away last year.  With any luck, OWS is as much of a relic in 2012 as Solyndra.

(Thanks to Bill Quick at the DP for the heads up.)