Who cares when Romney left Bain? Well, Romney clearly does. But why?


The latest Presidential campaign brouhaha concerns exactly when Mitt Romney stepped down from running Bain Capital. News reports give the impression that it was after Romney officially left the firm in 1999 that Bain acquired some companies that failed and put people out of work.

Are we really supposed to believe that after Romney left Bain to manage the Salt Lake City Olympics his firm suddenly started operating in a new and more destructive way?

Bain is a private equity firm that makes a lot of money taking over other companies, some of which end up going down the tubes. That’s how it worked under Mitt Romney and that’s how it works now.

So the fuss is really over whether a man who wants a new job fudged his resume. News flash: everyone fudges his resume.

Don’t tell me you don’t know the tricks. Spent some time out of work? Stretch forward the end date of the last job and stretch back the start date of the next, or invent an important-sounding “consulting” practice to fill the gap. Describing an old job that’s safely tucked in the un-diggable past? Inflate your title, responsibilities, and results. Didn’t win a Congressional Medal of Honor? Hell, just say you did.

It’s hard to understand, though, why someone on the super-rich A-List would engage in such fudging. The Boston Globe has reported that for three years after he officially gave up control of Bain, Romney actually remained titular chairman and CEO, involved to some degree in managing the company, and earning some executive compensation.

Why’s he listed as such, if it ain’t so? And if it is so, why does he care if we know it? Either way, something smells fishy.¬†What piscine handicap, ethical or political, is he so concerned about keeping under the sea?

When we 99-percenters tell fibs on our resumes, at stake might be our ability to pay our rent, medical bills, or grocery bills. Those aren’t the sorts of things the Mitt Romneys of the world have to think about. So what is worrying him?