Someone doesn’t like us, and we can guess who it is.


Recently, a number of posts mysteriously disappeared from our site and from the web, and, since they all dealt with a certain editor at a flagging frontpage for kiddie pimps and his series of stories about one Bruce McMahan — stories that revealed a lot more about the bizarre fantasies of the editor than they did about their putative target — we think we have a pretty good iidea who was behind this.  We know that he has employed web assassins before, and, although he caught us during a weak point, when we were transitioning between sites, we have built a somewhat sturdier firewall.

But, concerned that some may have been denied access to these stories while they were down, we have decided to re-run them — every last one — in their order of appearance here at the Daily Cannibal.  So we will be posting them in the days to come until we have run through them all.  Maybe then we’ll re-run them again.  Who knows?

This will not interfere with our normal posting of such items that stir us to commentary, few as they are.