Mitt won’t show us his tax returns. What a relief.


You know what? Screw Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Fact is, I don’t want to see his any more than I want him to see mine.

Enough already with the politicians’ tax returns. Now Sen. Barbara Boxer wants me to sign a petition about it. Forget it, Barbara. I’ve had it.

I don’t want to see how much money these rich guys made. Or how much of it they paid in taxes. Nope. I just don’t.

Oh, I’m sure I’d take a look at those numbers if they came out. But it would be in the grip of a kind of slightly embarrassed prurient interest; I wouldn’t be learning anything useful to me. We already know that people who make money the way Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett do pay a much lower tax rate than the typical wage-earner does, how unfair that is, and how nobody who has any power gives a crap. What possible benefit could there be to seeing the personal, private finances of people we don’t know?

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to see friggin’ Mitt Romney’s friggin’ tax returns?

What I want to know about a person running for office is whether he complied with the tax code, or broke any laws. That’s all.

To that end, we could simply task the IRS with reviewing his returns and issuing a public report that says everything’s cool – or if it isn’t, says what’s wrong. End of story.

So, Senator Boxer: Thanks, but no thanks. Now let’s move on to something important. Like how the stock market soars on the same day we learn the unemployment rate inched up. Dismal science indeed.