The competition for the world’s biggest asshole is one of the world’s most fiercely-contested, with millions of aspirants competing hourly, and clear winners are very seldom identifiable.  Even then, their fame is fleeting, as new and returning competitors continually push the bar ever lower.  Still, even in this crucible, occasionally someone so superbly plumbs the depths of beastliness as to stifle all dissent and make a clear claim to outright possession.  Meet Mr. “Adam Smith:”


Res ipsa liquitur.  In the face of so magnificent a display, commentary can only be superfluous, with one caveat: I disagree with Chick-fil-A’s position on people’s personal lives.  Those who wish to call me a homophobe or a bigot because I think Mr. “Smith” represents all that is worst in us will doubtless feel free to do so, but you will miss the point — and find yourself standing right in line behind Mr. “Smith.”

(Thanks to Cold Fury via Bill Quick at the Daily Pundit.)