“Did you say…slavery?”

This is turning out to be a pretty poor week for Messrs. Larkin and Lacey, the embattled chiefs of backpage.com, the nations largest child prostitution online advertiser.  Yesterday’s attempt to deflect attention from their sordid enterprise by splitting it off from Village Voice Media failed abysmally; if anything, the furor increased.

Now today, in a speech to the Clinton Global Initiative, Obama said:

“It’s a debasement of our common humanity.  I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name — modern slavery.”

According to France 24:

Obama said 20 million people around the world, including some in the United States, are trapped by traffickers, whether as prostitutes or barely paid workers.

Obama noted that “for all the progress that we’ve made, the bitter truth is that trafficking goes on right here in the United States.”

You betcha.  And nowhere quite as often or as profitably as it does at backpage.com.

Watch your step, fellas.  It looks like you are in for some very heavy heat — because I think someone is going to call your flesh mill to the attention of people who really, really don’t like the notion of slavery of any sort.