We all know the feeling.   Sometimes you are asked if doing a little wrong — cheating just a bit — isn’t all that bad as long as it’s in a good cause.  Kind of a Robin Hood thing, where you rob the rich to feed the poor.  That’s okay, isn’t it?

Like this:


She just wants to vote twice.  And the nice young lady who serves as Regional Field Director at the Texas DNC says, if anyone ever asks, “Just say you don’t know.”  And then prints out the forms needed to file a fraudulent absentee ballot in Florida, because “it’s a battleground state.”

Because it’s in a good cause.  And because their cause is just, they are above the law.  It’s just a little thing.

It’s just the Democratic National Committee actively abetting voter fraud.  With a titter and a giggle.  Because…well, because they know that they are in the right, and when you’re in the right, what’s a little thing like fraud?

Of course, it’s just an isolated incident, right?  Hmmmm:

[Thanks to Bill Quick at the Daily Pundit, and hotair.com.]


From TPM.com

DNC Fires Staffer:

Shot in September in the Houston office of Organizing for America, President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, the video appears to show regional field director Stephanie Caballero helping someone who claims to want to vote in both Florida and Texas. The video was posted online on Wednesday morning by O’Keefe, who is known for undercover stunts, the results of which are sometimes heavily edited.

DNC spokeswoman Melanie Roussell told TPM this video, however, was clear enough to fire the staffer.


In an interview with TPM on Wednesday, O’Keefe said his group would be releasing material that is more “manifestly damning” in the weeks ahead.

“We’re releasing one tape at at time and we challenge journalists to report the facts and not try to pretend like nothing was there, because I am not bluffing when I say that there is even more damning material up ahead,” O’Keefe said.

Should be interesting.