Sometimes it seems to me that almost everything posted on Drudge is wonderful in one way or another.  Today:

REPORT: Fidel Castro suffers stroke, near ‘a neurovegetative state’…  

Is the “neurovegetative state” he’s “near” Florida?

Lebanon seeks legal action against ‘HOMELAND’ series…

Sure.  Sue them.

Response to Obama’s “When four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal” remark.
Heh heh.  The preference cascade continues…
…and continues…
And continues.
Going down….
If only.
Talk about faint praise.
Which women?  Pelosi?  Wasserman-Shultz?  Waters?  Could this be a trend?
…but demand Romney produce his tax returns.
Maybe we can sell it to the Chevy Volt folks.
Thank you, Matt.  Keep it up.