Michael Moore has a new video for Moveon.org featuring elderly voters expressing their thoughts about the upcoming election, reports the Daily Caller.  We commend Moore for giving senior citizens, so often ignored in our public affairs because of their limited mobility and their lack of access to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets, an opportunity to speak.

Whereas we once understood the value the elderly contribute to these discussions with their accumulated wisdom and long experience, this resource is all too frequently cast aside these days.  And we are the poorer for it, as Moore demonstrates in a clip featuring 97-year-old Marie, who says:

“I want the Republican Party to know, if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama we will burn this motherfucker down.”

In the same video, Dorothi, a 75-year-old, declares her determination to stoutly defend the American way of life:

“If the Republicans steal this election, I am going to track down Mitt Romney and give him the world’s biggest cock-punch…What’s the matter sonny, ain’t you never heard that phrase, cock-punch?  Right in the nutsack.”

Alas, some might see this video as an exploitation of addle-pated people who confuse losing an election with being cheated, or who think that threats of violence will somehow sway public opinion, much like certain tweeters who publicly broadcast their intent to riot, or assassinate Romney, should Obama lose.

To take such a position is unfair to Moore.  It would suggest that he manipulates the feeble-minded to feed what some have called an obsession for the spotlight, or to line his own pocket, or engage in a bizarre form of hilarious thuggery to promote a faux-political end.  This would be an injustice to a man universally admired for his acumen, his sense of fair play and his demonstrated respect for other points of view.

To quote Dorothy Parker:

Life is a constant cycle of song —

A medley of extemporania.

Love is a thing that can never go wrong,

And I am Marie of Romania.”