The Village Voice has appointed Will Bourne as its new editor in chief.  According to the Voice:

Bourne is a veteran writer and editor who got his start writing for Seven Days, a weekly NYC magazine (now dead) owned by Leonard Stern, who also owned the Voice at the time. He has served as the editor at large for Inc. since July. Prior to that, he spent almost five years as the editor of Fast Company, during which the magazine won both a George Polk Award and a Cunningham Award in 2009.

We wish Mr. Bourne well in his new position, as well as the other new recent arrivals at the Voice, music editor Brian McManus and film editor Alan Scherstuhl.  This may surprise those familiar with our longstanding disdain for this publication’s former management and editor, but the Voice has stated that it is under new management, and that its former proprietors, detestable kiddie pimp enablers Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, no longer have any interest in the publication or in its parent, Village Voice Media.  Tony Ortega, who will mostly likely be remembered only for his willing complicity as Larkin and Lacey’s hatchetman-in-chief, firing the Voice’s most respected writers; and for his shameless head up-my-bosses’ asses defense of VVM’s child prostitution racket, was unceremoniously dumped as editor prior to Larken and Lacey’s divestiture of VVM, and now enjoys an obscurity befitting his talents.

Mr. Bourne’s stint at Inc., although brief, commends him in particular, as its reputation for editorial quality and accuracy is among the best, largely thanks to Jane Berentson, who just stepped down as its editor in chief a few months ago.  We sincerely hope that Mr. Bourne and his staff can restore the Voice to some measure of its former glory as one of the country’s leading alternative newspapers.  With that, we bury the hatchet with the Village Voice and Village Voice Media, and, as soon as we can rouse our tech staff from its somnolence, we will delete our “Village Voice Deathwatch” category, re-titling it (for our archives) as “Tony Ortega Sleeps With The Fishes.”