An old friend, whom we shall call Ms. Chief, sends us this:

What a disgusting turn of events. You think of the millions of men and women that have died for the rights of others in this country to live a free life, and now we have to put up with this. This is the SS all over again only now it Masquerades as “Homeland security”.

In spite of all of this, the Verizon intrusions, the IRS intrusions, the Prism intrusions, they can’t stop something like the Boston bombers when adequately warned repeatedly by Russian intelligence! This has to stop. There is going to be some kind of a violent change in the way this country is run if these guys keep this up. Too many people died in our history for our freedoms and we should not sacrifice them to these losers.

And yes, losers, I’m fully aware that you’re reading this and making notes on my file. Have at it because I am a real American and I am ready for you.

You know, I think there may be a very large number of people who are suddenly beginning to feel just like Ms. Chief.   But then there are the “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” folks, who assure us that this is for our own good, and keeps us safe.  After all, it’s the government.  Surely we can trust our government?

What, we wonder, has this government and this administration done in any way at any time that anyone can recall which would make it worthy of trust?  The cataract of outright lies, the teeming brood of clownish cover-ups, the juvenile attempts at misdirection and distraction, and the insulting refusal to admit or even address error hardly inspire our confidence, and do not seem to abate.  In fact, they have been expanding like a supernova, and with any luck, we’ll get a similar result.

“Trust us.”  In the words of Nancy Pelosi:  “Are you kidding?!  Are you kidding?!”