The mayor of Seattle wants local businesses to post signs outside their stores proclaiming them “gun-free zones.”

Bill Quick at the Daily Pundit, as usual, deftly points out the humor in this:

I think that they should go “gun-free” after you make city hall and your own office gun-free zones, and that would include all your armed cops, sheriffs, and bodyguards.

Bill links to a post on Jammie Wearing, which notes:

Maybe he should give them a choice. Signs that read “Come Rob Us” or “Disarmed and Helpless” would have the same effect, don’t you think?

I actually would enjoy hearing the mayor of Seattle explain why a shopkeeper should advertise his vulnerability to any punk with a weapon or a posse while the politicians snooze safely behind their phalanxes of Kevlar-coated, AR15-toting Myrmidons.  Wouldn’t you?