“We are recently advised by Adweek (!) that:

New York ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 has turned its roguish attention to the issue of climate change, and helped activist group 350 Action with the amusing video below. According to the YouTube description: “we propose a new naming system. One that names extreme storms caused by climate change, after the policy makers who deny climate change and obstruct climate policy.”

“Roguish” indeed.  Who would think of discrediting someone by calling them names?  But why stop there?  Surely anyone sufficiently craven to “deny” Christ Allah climate change should suffer something more appropriately ecclesiastical.  Perhaps the government could commission a Lake of Fire, into which all nonbelievers may be hurled by the just and righteous.

Of course, we cannot prove that either Christ of Allah exist.  But climate change is settled science.  Pay no attention to those who say that if it can’t be questioned, it can’t be science.

But we counsel the loveable rogues at Barton F. Graf 9000 and the selfless seekers-after-good at Action 350 to abandon any effort to name hurricanes after those who challenge climate change — because they might have to include a very large number of very highly-respected scientists who do just that.

Besides, Al Gore just pointed out that his predictions are all coming true:

The single most common criticism from skeptics when [“An Inconvenient Truth”] came out focused on the animation showing ocean water flowing into the World Trade Center memorial site. Skeptics called that demagogic and absurd and irresponsible. It happened last October 29th, years ahead of schedule….

Surely Mr. Gore wasn’t deliberately trying to deceive us?  Because, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out:

…we find that what Gore predicted in “An Inconvenient Truth” was something far direr than a storm and a flood. He predicted that lower Manhattan–along with vast and heavily populated swaths of Florida, California, the Netherlands, China, India and Bangladesh–would be permanently submerged owing to higher sea levels.

“Think of the impact of a couple of hundred thousand refugees when they’re displaced by an environmental event,” Gore intoned in the movie. “And then imagine the impact of 100 million or more.”

Now that’s what happens when you ask questions.  Sometimes the truth pops out.  And sometimes that truth really is a bit inconvenient.