…his corrosive bombast…his pious insults…his eagerness to shut down the government in pursuit of an ideological dream…fully aware that he will not succeed but eager for the accolades and donations that will inevitably follow from the…misguided faithful…he has demonstrated how little he understands and, more important, how little he appreciates the public’s desire…an absurd plan…this combination of grandiosity and pure nastiness..the least popular man in Washington…love[s] the spotlight, but, when it fades, he will find he was only speaking to himself.

The New York Times, which gentles bloodstained despots and terrorists with cautiously diplomatic phrases, seems to have an unrestrained loathing of this particular fellow.  The phrases above are collected from one of today’s editorials.

I’ll let you guess who “the least popular man in Washington” — a kind of compliment, actually —  might be.  A dangerous fellow, to be sure, and one who seems to scare the living piss out of the editorial board at the Times.  Hint:  he was popular enough somewhere to get elected to the Senate.  To find out, and read the whole editorial, click here.