When Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the kiddie pimp owners of the Village Voice, finally shoved their apologist-in-chief Tony Ortega over the side of their sinking scow, bleeding from multiple stab wounds to the back and bludgeoned by an outraged public into a blessedly comatose state, we thought we had seen the last of him, but we were wrong.  His zombie washed back ashore, and has taken up residence at a blog called The Raw Story, a kind of minor-league “progressive” copycat of the Drudge Report.

Ortega is billed as “Executive Editor,” which seems fitting, given his history of summary character assassination.  In a career chiefly distinguished by deliberate hoaxes and outright journalistic fraud, his apogee came as the defender of the Village Voice’s Backpage.com, exposed as the leading online site for child prostitution by a growing army of media and social organizations (including this one).  Among Ortega’s spirited arguments:

1.  The numbers are way off.  It’s not that many kids.  It’s really no big deal.
2.  What, you have a problem with the First Amendment?
and, stunningly,
3.  Actually, it’s a good thing, because it keeps the kids off the street.  It’s safer this way.

We have no idea what Ortega is expected to contribute to The Raw Story, but we’ll keep our noses to the wind. Once he surfaces, the stench should be pretty easy to sniff out.