New York Times:

“I alert the world,” [Maduro] said, draped in the yellow, blue and red presidential sash with a large gold badge like a giant sheriff’s star pinned to his left breast, “we are facing a planned coup d’état.”

Here in New York City, we gape in wonder that so obvious a clown can continue to fool so many desperate people, but that’s the point:  they are desperate, and despite the broken promises of a long line of Maduros, Chavezes and the like, they remain obdurately committed to supporting politicians that succeed only in plunging the nation with the largest oil reserves in the world into deeper and deeper poverty and chaos.

Here, we are harder to fool.  In the same edition of the Times, an article on our new mayor, our recent snowstorm and the controversy over school closings began with a lede that we here admire:

His education chief declared Thursday “a beautiful day” as sleet poured down on parents wondering why schools had not been closed.

We look into the mirror of Venezuela, and do not see our own reflection.  Spooky.