Look at this picture.  Tell me it doesn’t disturb you deeply:



What on earth is going on here?  What’s with this guy?  Is he some kind of terrorist?  Why is he wearing that hat?  And what’s the point of wearing a photo of his dog?  Is it really his dog?  And why is the dog wearing a photo of him?  Is that even allowed?  And if it is, should it be?  Can people treat animals this way and get away with it?

Isn’t this what we have a government for?  Where are the SWAT teams when we really need them?  What if some kid sees this, and tries to do the same thing to his dog?  Or worse still, to someone else’s dog?  Or to a cat?

Please like this post on Facebook, tweet it and send it to your whole mailing list.  We shouldn’t stand for this, not for one second.  The nonsense has to stop somewhere.  This is as good a place as any.  Get involved!  Do something for others!  Don’t be like this guy and just sit there.