I had just finished reading nemo’s latest on our Iraqi adventures when I heard from an old friend who had also just read the post.

He referred to recent articles on the web and in the mainstream media about the rapid and widespread deployment of war surplus equipment of impressive dimension — Bradley fighting vehicles, high-caliber automatic weapons, and so forth — to local police departments nationwide, which does raise an interesting point.

First of all, given the argument of gun-grabbers everywhere that the mere possession of a firearm opens the possibility for its misuse, it might be alarming to speculate on the outcome of distributing hundreds of armored war wagons to local constabularies. How many Barney Fyfes out there will be itching for an excuse to rev up the diesels, inject a sabot round into the cannon and tear around the corner to apprehend a dangerous criminal out loose on a warrant for child support?

With this in mind, we issue a note of caution to our old pal nemo. You may find it distressing that arming our “allies” with this kind of firepower will only ensure that it falls into the hands of the truly nasty elements of our global village, but — at least it stays there. Would you rather have them bring this stuff back home and start driving it down Main Street?

Just a thought. By the way, I hear that the sanitation department of Ketchum, Idaho now has a swat team. With bazookas. Something to do with renegade elk.