Truth resides in the majority. It is not a scientific thing at the bottom of a well where only the knowing can come to drink. Down there, where the aqua vitae reposes, there are still politics.

Take any science you like and start reading to find its truth. You will soon get to where you can’t follow it anymore because there are too many concepts to relate to each other. Definitions will pile up like Carlisle Indians on top of a Michigan fumble.

When you realize you are not within 1,000 sentences of getting your science’s truth, you are ready to take someone’s word for it in a summary.

But whose word? Which one of the experts knows the truth? Your science has prepared for this question. They have held conventions and elected concepts to verity. You can read in the newspaper who knows your science. You won’t have to spend years getting a Phd to verify these precious drops of truth yourself.

Here is where a couple of things go wrong. Who at the newspaper is choosing between the factions within the science to represent the truth? Nobody with a Ph.d. No, it is somebody who interviewed one of the experts years ago and liked the gray flecks in his black hair.

But suppose the ridiculous happened and there was an intelligent news reporter who had a Ph.d. All he’s done is choose a favorite among people smarter than he. Oftimes the thinker with to best thoughts isn’t even on his list.

So when the newspaper chooses an authority and relays his vision of the science, it is a hopelessly political act. Where is truth when such politics rule its arbitration?

It’s out there somewhere, I guess. Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is as inscrutable as politics itself. Now when we see truth so purified by politics, what value do we assign it?

You will recall that the major business of politics is to show that one person knows better than another. How knowable is that?

It is nearly equivalent to whether electrons are best described by matrix multiplication or wave mechanics, except more difficult. The beams and waves of human actions take every bit as many lifetimes to study and fail to understand.