From our friend nemo, posted earlier today on Bill Quick’s Daily Pundit:

To my fellow citizens/residents:

Recently I was involved in a widely-reported incident that has been badly distorted by the media, and misunderstood by most of the public.

Despite the negative publicity these misperceptions have brought me, I am grateful for the spotlight the media has thrown onto the story, because my own comfort is nothing compared to the need to heighten America’s focus on the clear and demonstrable racism epidemic in our country.

In brief, I staged a real-time bit of theater, in which I reported that I had been assaulted in Chicago by two white males who attempted to lynch me.

I regret that the media failed to understand that this was a symbolic act on my part, designed to call attention to the thousands of similar episodes that actually take place in our nation each day. As a professional actor with some measure of success in my craft, I used the skills at my command to make what I believe to be a valued and thought-provoking contribution to our national racial dialogue.

I sincerely regret the misunderstanding my symbolic act has generated, but still firmly believe that I have acted in the best interests of those still threatened, oppressed and even killed by the scourge of racism that has stained our national honor and disfigured our historical legacy for three centuries. If this has resulted in highly unpleasant repercussions to me personally, I gladly accept the burden, how ever unjust, if it benefits even one person who struggles for dignity and equality in the toxic environment of American injustice.

With head held high, and a grateful salute to those who have also sacrificed their own safety and self-interest in the cause of freedom,

Jussie Smollett