Bad news from the Wall Street Journal:

“Men Urged to Limit Alcohol to One Drink a Day Amid New Concerns”

What “new concerns?” Is somebody worried that we don’t feel bad enough already?

Our federal medicos note that the pandemic has occasioned an increase in national alcohol consumption, and this comes as news to no one. When you can’t walk outside without covering your face like an ISIS jihadist or you’ re washing your hands more often than a deranged Lady Macbeth, alcohol seems like a sensible option.

The virtuous ask: “Do you really need a drink?” The answer might be found in a passage from Robert Stone’s Dog Soldiers:

“The last moral objection that Converse experienced in the traditional manner had been his reaction to the great Elephant Zap of the previous year. That winter, the Military Advisory Command, Vietnam, had decided that elephants were enemy agents because the NVA used them to carry things, and there had ensued a scene worthy of the Ramayana. Many-armed, hundred-headed MACV had sent forth steel-bodied flying insects to destroy his enemies, the elephants. All over the country, whooping sweating gunners descended from the cloud cover to stampede the herds and mow them down with 7.62-millimeter machine guns…The Great Elephant Zap had been too much and had disgusted everyone. Even the chopper crews who remember the day as one of insane exhilaration had been somewhat appalled. There was a feeling that there were limits…And as for dope, Converse thought, and addicts—if the world is going to contain elephants pursued by flying men, people are just naturally going to want to get high.”

Look at what is happening all around you, as earnest talking heads and politicians assure you that looting is redress, arson is protest and violence is valid. What else is left, to make sense of this, but a few belts of attitude adjuster?