Gavin Newsom on California’s wildfires:

“California, folks, is America fast forward. What we are experiencing right here is coming to all across the United States of America unless we get our act together on climate change — unless we disabuse ourselves of all the BS that’s being spewed by a very small group of people that have an ideological reason to advance the cause of a 19th century framework and solution. “

Sorry, guv, but what you have there is not global warming, but local insanity. Your state is burning because you mismanaged your forests, largely for budget reasons. Clearing away brush was just too expensive for a state that needed the money for…more important things.

Now, surrounded by choking fumes and a nightmare sky, you angrily insist that this is all coming to the rest of America, because the future happens first in the no-longer-quite-so-golden state,

You further assert that climate change is settled because we’ve taken a vote, and “only a very small group of people” deny it. This is

a. untrue.

b. so funny that it’s hard to believe you could say it with a straight face.

History is replete with angry Cassandras prophesying, in the words of PG Wodehouse, “some kind of hell which would ultimately stagger civilization and turn the moon to blood. ” But the prairies will not become a living Hell of natural vengeance, nor will the New England forests erupt into evergreen calderas, nor the blue hiils of Virginia, the Ozarks, the Appalachians, nor any other sanely–managed greenery of the rest of our verdant paradise.

I sympathise with your rage. People whose streets are festooned with shit are seized with an understandable compulsion to fling it at those who mock them. I do not envy your situation, but neither does it impel me to share your despair. You made your future; the rest of the nation will make its own way.